Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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Did you know?
Adding Words to Your Personal Dictionary in Google Docs
Are there words, student names, etc. that keep that red line despite you’re knowing they are correct? Just add them to your Personal Dictionary in Google Docs to make a simple but helpful change. This is great for students as well! Click on “Tools”, then “Spelling” to find it.
Click here to see post and video from Brad Dale.

How to Clear the Cache in Chrome

If a device is running slow or not going to usual websites, it may help to do a little housekeeping. Click here for the steps.

Create Interactive Checklists in Google Docs
This may be a helpful tool for you or your students. This post from +Eric Curts walks you through the easy steps. Another tool great tool for checklists is Google Keep. +Google for Education

What if?
Go to Sections Based on Answers in Google Forms
If you’ve been curious about how to do this in Google Forms, check out this nice Intro to “Branching” from Jennifer Shafer.

Creaturizer iOS App for Elementary
(repost, since Spring is the perfect time for this)
Students create wild creatures, then take the iPad outside and photograph the creature in different environments to satisfy 4 different missions, in which the students have to consider their animal’s needs (habitat, diet, and adaptations). Creaturizer, from PBS, is free and doesn't require students to login or create an account. Their creations are stored in the Camera Roll on the iPads. Thank you, +Richard Byrne

Seesaw for Reading Logs
Click here to see how 1st-grade teacher, Melissa Campbell, uses Seesaw for a more robust reading log, how she has launched it with her students, student examples as well as a few tips! Video is 16:58 minutes of helpful information

Blog Ideas Generator
Enter three nouns in this HubSpot web page and you'll be given 5 ideas you can tweak. Thank you Edublogs.

Something to think about…
Collaborative Google Slides
This can resemble a class blog, create an environment where students can work together, create a class space to comment on each other’s work and so much more! Check out this post from +Matt Miller to see how to use this, as well as ideas and a few “Ninja tricks”. He includes a video, along with time stamps so you can skip to what you need to know. 

An additional tip:
When using collaborative Google Slides (as in having a class work within one slide presentation) +Alice Keeler has students put their name in the speaker notes, with that, using “Control F” their name jumps her quickly to their slide.

The Best PD for Math Teachers (and How To Use It)
Check out this 10-minute podcast (or transcript) to see how Twitter is a great resource for Math teachers (all teachers, really) specifically. +Cool Cat Teacher

Using Google Keep to Research from +Cool Cat Teacher

Finding, Making, and Using Transparent Images for Learning from +Eric Curts

RhymeZone - Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus

11 Ways to Teach Math with Google Drawings from +Eric Curts

Enable These Google Forms Settings to Save Time Making Quizzes - a 1-minute video from +Richard Byrne

Financial Football is an interactive game to teach money management skills (ages 11 and up) from +Cool Cat Teacher

In Addition…
Small Actions That Will Put You in a Better Mood Instantly
Click here for easy tricks to use from +Greatist image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ericajoy/3514023697

25 High-Paying Jobs in Dfw That Don't Require a Degree
Click here to find out what they are. Thank you WFAA and the Dallas Business Journal.

Make Your Favorite Furniture Last Forever
Click here to find the right polishes for the different types of wood furniture from Apartment Therapy.

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