Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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Did you know?
Multiple Correct Answers in Google Form Quizzes

Here’s a short video to show how to set up "Short Answer" questions in a Google Form to have multiple correct answers. +Google for Education 

5 Things You Might Not Know About Kahoot!
This quick video from +Matt Miller shares a few Kahoot! secrets that may be useful for you. The great part about Matt’s post is that he lists where each item is discussed by timestamp...making it easy for you to go straight to what you need!


What if?
Must-Have Google Docs Add-Ons for Project Management
This post highlights 8 add-ons that might be useful for Club Sponsors, Team Leads, and Coaches! There are add-ons to help you Organize, Schedule, Manage and Evaluate. Thank you Script Examples. +Google for Education

53 Ways to Check for Understanding
You have to scroll about halfway down in this article to get to the list from Todd Finley via Edutopia but there are some nice ideas in here if you’re looking for something new. I like the “411”, “The 60-Second Paper” and the “Muddy Moment”!

Something to think about…
10 Ways to Use Screencasting for Formative Assessment
This post includes some great ideas to change things up in your classroom with suggestions for assignments in Math, Writing, Coding, Languages, Reading, History and more! Thank you, +Cool Cat Teacher

13 Free Typing Games for Kids
These are designed for use on laptops and tablets (not iOS). There is a school version teachers can sign up for to remove the ads in the regular free version. For more see this article from +Richard Byrne.

Aiding Reading Comprehension With Post-its
The first part of the article from Judy Willis via Edutopia talks about the Science and the Why, keep scrolling/reading to see the How and sample prompts. As a reader, I would like this approach! Bonus: If you want to print on post-it notes...here are a couple of how-tos on that:
From TeachStarter, using Microsoft Word: How to Print On Sticky Notes
From Learning in Hand, Print Custom Sticky Notes with Google Slides
Image: http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/Post-It-Note-Adhesive-Note-Sticky-Notes-Postit-2220252

How To Create Stop Motion Videos on a Chromebook
Click here to see how to use the Chrome app, “Stop Motion Animator” from +Richard Byrne
Click here to get the app.

Three Free iPad Apps for Creating Animated Movies
Click here for more in this article from +Richard Byrne

Easy Stop-Motion Animation with Google Slides
Here’s a quick how-to with video, instructions and pictures from +Matt Miller

A Cool Kaizena Update
Click here for an addition to the post on adding voice comments to a Google Doc via Kaizena from +Richard Byrne +Google for Education

In Addition…
The Internet Archive Put Your Favorite LCD Handheld Games Online
A nice flash from the past from The Verge

Fidget Spinner Rube Goldberg Machine
“Fidget spinners have never been more useful.” - A great find from +Digg

8 Creative Uses for Caulk You've Never Thought Of
Click here for ideas from Apartment Therapy

How to protect your Facebook privacy – or delete yourself completely
(Or how to check what 3rd party apps are connected to your account?)

“If you found the Cambridge Analytica data breach revelations deeply unsettling, read our guide to the maze of your privacy settings” - from Alex Hern via The Guardian Click here for the how-to article. I did go into the app section of mine last week and deleted a number of those. I need to dig a little deeper and think about the rest. Good to know: once you delete your account, it takes 90 days for Facebook to delete all of your data from the site.

Thank you Swissmiss & Seth Godin


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