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Did you know?
Split Keyboard on iPad
Hold down the “Hide Keyboard” button in the bottom right, then choose “Split”. To return to normal, hold down the “Hide Keyboard” button again and choose “Dock and Merge”. Thank you @freemotely

“Undo Send” for Gmail
Enable this feature in Settings to give yourself up to 30 seconds to undo sending an email.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click to “enable” Undo Send

How To Increase Student Knowledge of How to Use Google Docs and Slides
Try scavenger hunts! Here are two from California teacher, Catlin Tucker. When you open, click “File”, then “make a Copy” to be able to use and/or modify them. Note: Some of the tasks involve research on California, be sure to edit as needed. Thank you, +April Riley 

You can now import grades from Google Forms Quizzes directly into Google Classroom
To see the steps, click here, once on that page, click "Grade/return an assignment to a student", then scroll down to "Grade/return a Google Forms quiz" to see the steps.

Using Art To Explore Math (and Math to Create Art)
“...many of the core skills in art and math are closely related. Both disciplines require spatial reasoning skills and the ability to recognize patterns.” This post by Deborah Farmer Kris, via pbs.org, includes 5 conversation starters and activities. Thank you +MindShift

What if?
7 Reasons You Need to Try Voice Typing in Google Docs
This is a nice list from +ShakeUpLearning that also includes how to enable the feature. From productivity to student support, give Voice Typing another look!

Save Teacher Weekends: 7 Ways to Spend Less Time Grading Essays
If looking for a few new ideas, check out this article by Dana Truby via +WeAreTeachers - Some you’ve heard of before, but maybe not the reasoning or keys to implementing…(and hopefully there will be a new one in here for you). A couple of the ideas are to just focus on the skills you’re currently teaching and the “three strikes and you’re out!” policy.

Something to think about…
Why I Use Edpuzzle: An Edpuzzle Review
Edpuzzle is a tool for adding questions into a video that you have students watch. Great for blended or flipped learning or student choice or sub plans. This post from +Cool Cat Teacher takes you through simple steps and shows you how it works.

Bored and Brilliant Challenges - To help find “balance in the digital age”
Join Note to Self's Bored and Brilliant project to help you (or even better, your students) detach from your phone and spend more time thinking creatively.This is a series of 6 challenges, with a short podcast to introduce each. The podcasts range from 6 - 17 minutes. This could be a great warm-up for a class to promote digital citizenship discussion on the intentional use and breaks from our phones as well as fostering creativity. I went through each of these and was glad I did but thought the whole time about how much our students could benefit as well. All are safe for students to listen to, with the exception of #3. With that one, listen first and see if it’s appropriate for your students. It had one questionable word along with one drug and one alcohol reference in line with talking about addiction. If this one doesn’t fit well for your class, just skip #3 and give them 5 days of challenges.
Challenge 1: In Your Pocket
Challenge 2: Photo Free Day
Challenge 3: Delete That App
Challenge 4: Take a Fauxcation
Challenge 5: One Small Observation
Challenge 6: Dream House

How to Insert Equations into Google Docs
This video from Steve Grosteffon shows you how. This would be great to share with students!

Google Apps for the iPad
Click here for the extensive list from +ShakeUpLearning

5 Ideas For Technology Stations - Elementary
Check out these ideas from, Leslie Swanson-Anaya, an elementary teacher in Texas. Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher When you click the link, you may need to scroll down past the subscription window.

Google Docs in the ELL/ESL/FOL Classroom
A video showing 3 helpful tools from +Amy Mayer on working with students in “our classrooms with no English or speaking a language no one else on campus shares.”

In Addition…
Check out the new Netflix original documentary, Resurface, for stories of hope and how surfing is helping vets with injuries and PTSD. Click here for more.


A Responsibility to Light:
Thank you Swissmiss


A 7-Minute Upper-Body Workout That's Backed by Science
Click here, Thank you +Greatist


6 Great Tips For Getting The Best Instagram Photos Of Your Kids

My Favorite Apps For Great Instagram Photos


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