Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Did you know?
iPhone Tips:
  1. Quickly open the camera when the phone is locked - just swipe left
  2. Magnify the Fine Print
Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, then turn on Magnifier
When there is something you want to magnify (ingredients on a label, side effects on a prescription, a phone number on a business card, etc.) just triple-click the Home button to use the camera to magnify the item.
When there, tap the shutter button to freeze the image, from here you can even screen shot the frozen image if you like. By tapping the 3 gray overlapping circles in the lower right corner you can enhance the image (change the color combinations to make them easier to see)

What if?
New Class Project Idea … Video Dubbing!
Have students dub over an existing video to communicate a new idea, practice translation, solve a word problem, narrate animal or nature events, interpret a story, tell a new story, highlight scientific elements, practice commentary, summarize a book/speech, give an update on the economy, etc. The possibilities are endless! This article from +Eric Curts gives the details and tools to use … even taking you into a few of YouTube’s nice features. +Chromebook

PixiClip - a free whiteboard/online canvas video tool
Perfect tool to create quick instructional videos or for students to demonstrate their learning or to create instructional videos for other students.
A few things to know:
  • As with any recording tool, make sure the enable your computer’s microphone
  • There’s a 5-minute limit
  • You can use your Google account to sign in
  • You can create videos without signing into an account, but the videos must be “public” if you go this route.
  • By signing in, you and your students have the following publishing options:
    • “Private” - Visible only to you, on your profile page
    • “Hidden” - Visible only by people accessing it directly
    • “Password Protected” - Visible only by people accessing it directly and entering the passcode.
    • “Public” - Visible on their website
  • There is no editing option within this tool
  • There is the option to record audio and/or to use a webcam
  • You can upload images and make notes over them
  • Ideas for uses with students:
    • Explain math problems
    • Dissection explanations
    • Book talk/reviews
    • Vocabulary
    • Key word prediction
    • Read a story (with images of the book pages)
Click here for a short how-to video from +Richard Byrne 

Something to think about…
Google Classroom has added a feature where you can send assignments to specific students or groups based on their unique needs. As you’re creating an assignment, etc. you “can choose whether to share it with the entire class or just with a subset of students.”

They’ve also added another type of notification. One is when a student turns in work late, another is when a student has re-submitted an assignment. To see more on either of these new updates, click here for more from @googleforedu Keyword.

Khan Academy adds 21 iPad/iPhone apps from Duck Duck Moose to their collection...once paid apps are now free. Some of the titles include Moose Math, Park Math, Chatterpix, Duck Duck Moose Reading and more. For a complete list click here. +Khan Academy 

DriveSlides - a Chrome extension that can access a folder of photos and then automatically place them into a Google Slides Presentation, one photo on each page. Once they’re placed, you can go in and add text and other embellishments. Created by +Alice Keeler and +Matt Miller to encourage students to use images in their work and to reflect on lessons learned. For an article and video explaining it, along with 10 lesson ideas for using the tool,
click here … it will walk you through it step by step. +Google for Education 

Build a Snowman Template - for students who are finished early, this can be a fun activity on their Chromebooks. The template from +Eric Curts has several options for customization and is ready for them to get to create! There is a space to write about their snowman when they are done.  There are two versions, one with a movable snowman and the other where the base snowman can’t be moved...this one may be better for younger users. Article and explanation: http://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/12/build-snowman.html?m=1

In Addition…
Artist Paul Klee’s Personal Notebooks - now online! Thank you SwissMiss


Preposterous - A Video Short About Absurdity Thank you (again) SwissMiss


Be Optimistic This Enamel Sign “...inspires conviction that no matter the storm ahead, there is nothing that preparation and perseverance can't overcome.” Portions of the proceeds from the sale of this product go towards supporting the It Gets Better Project. Thank you (again) SwissMiss


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