Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Challenge Accepted, Google Drawings, New Geo Game, Deep Learning with Google Tools, Decoding the Civil War, iPad Periodic Table, 35 Apps for Classroom, Improve Your City, Real Size Comparisons

Did you know?
Spark Creativity, Imagination, And Problem Solving! ESC Region XI is holding classroom challenges once a month. You connect remotely (via Zoom or a Live Stream) and compete with other classes in Texas and around the nation. “Challenge Accepted” is the 3rd Thursday of each Month at 9am.  Each month brings a new challenge designed to spark creativity, imagination, and problem solving! October 20th is the next one. For more info, go to http://www.esc11.net/Page/6457

A Few Things You Can Do With Google Drawings - https://youtu.be/CPrMysklgDY
A how-to video from +Richard Byrne showing:
  • Photos:
    • Crop, add borders and filters
    • Adjust brightness, contrast and transparency
    • Edit and save as a new photo (jpeg or png)
  • Word Art
  • Create Charts
  • Image Commenting and Notations

What if?
A New Geography Game, Similar to Kahoot! - developed by a high school teacher and his student in Portland, Maine, it is meant to be a way to practice and learn more about geography. In it’s beta version, you can’t create your own trivia sets yet, but they hope to add that soon. It works by projecting the website in the classroom, one person starts the game from there. As soon as the starter chooses “Start a Game”,a game ID is revealed, then the starter chooses categories and regions of the world (click the gear icon to select the region). The other players in the room join the game using the given “game ID” for their class and their name. This can be played on any device. Thank you +Richard Byrne http://gameon.world/

Electoral College Infographic - a visual path from Kids Discover http://www.kidsdiscover.com/infographics/infographic-electoral-college-for-kids/

Something to think about…
Deep learning with Google tools: 20 ideas - an information rich post from +Matt Miller, this has the tools, and ideas to go with them, to take learning deeper. Use the mentioned Google tools to create a home base for a bigger project and then to start researching and creating. He has put a lot of time into this one to give you a big head start. There are some new tools in here that you may not have used before including Ngram Viewer,  Google Correlate, Google News Archive, Google Tour Builder and Google Story Builder, just to name (more than) a few! http://ditchthattextbook.com/2016/09/26/deep-learning-with-google-tools-20-ideas/

Decoding the Civil War - access to transcribed and deciphered telegrams from the Civil War. Thank you +Vicki Davis https://blog.decodingthecivilwar.org/

The Periodic Table of iPad Apps - arranged in groups by creativity, teaching, demonstrating, collaboration, learning, numeracy, computing and literacy. I first saw this on edutech4teachers.edublogs.org inspired by Sean Junkins and remixed by ICT Evangelist Mark Anderson https://ictevangelist.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/PTAPPS-ICTEvangelist.png

35 Awesome Apps that Integrate with Google Classroom as well as a quick note about how to use them from +Kasey Bell http://www.shakeuplearning.com/blog/20-awesome-apps-that-integrate-with-google-classroom/

Halloween Magnetic Poetry is Back! From +Kasey Bell ... make a copy for your students! +Google for Education  http://www.shakeuplearning.com/blog/halloween-magnetic-poetry-with-google-drawings/ Here’s mine:

In Addition…
101 small ways you can improve your city - By Patrick Sisson And Alissa Walker, one of my favorites is #35...more swings please! +Curbed http://www.curbed.com/2016/9/22/13019420/urban-design-community-building-placemaking


Real Size of Large Wonders of the World Are Put Into Perspective through Visual Comparisons - from MyModernMet, 10 to take a look at including the Titanic, Largest Radio Telescope in the World, The Breathing Scorpion (seen below) and many more! First seen via SwissMiss http://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/kevin-wisbith-a-quick-perspective?context=featured&utm_source=swissmiss&utm_campaign=01a1c3eb16-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_2660ad4d17-01a1c3eb16-393340477


Random Photo from http://www.dumpaday.com/


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