Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Did you know?
You can zoom in and out easily on your laptop:
Press and hold the ctrl key, then press - to zoom out.
Press and hold the ctrl key, then press + to zoom in.

You can disable downloading, printing and copying when you only want to share your Google Docs, Sheets or Slides with a certain group, not losing control of it once it's shared:

  • Click "Share"
  • Click "Advanced" (in the lower right side of the Share window)
  • These choices are at the bottom of that window, as seen below:

What if?
You could hide private information in a Shared Google Doc: +The Gooru 
A quick "How-To" is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMADQhYBz4o

Something to think about…
Creative Solutions for Your Classroom: http://edhacks.businessinnovationfactory.com/

On your laptop, Pin items to the Task Bar (Thank you +April Riley):
  • Go to your Windows Start Menu
  • Find the item you want to pin to your Task Bar
  • Right click on it
  • Choose "Pin to Taskbar"
  • (The image below shows how to pin Google Drive, but the same steps can be used)


"Today is the Last Day You Won’t Understand Snapchat"
If you’re an adult and don’t understand Snapchat yet, you need to stop thinking about it as an app you use to chat, message, or text. For you, Snapchat is almost guaranteed to be an app you’ll use to watch video, and perhaps even publish some of your own. (Thank you @kantrowitz  @swissmiss)

Stories is Snapchat’s killer tab.
It’s filled with a ton of media — mostly video — broken out into three categories 1) Discover...from media companies 2) Live...curated by Snapchat 3) Recent Updates...mostly from your friends, but also from brands should you choose to add them

For Fun…

12 Tips for finding more storage space on your iPhone


What will you teach the world in two minutes or less?
@CreativeMornings  @swissmiss


The groom wanted a superhero cake, but the bride wanted traditional.
Here is their compromise:

Baker, the owner of the Tier by Tier bakery,
created a “two-faced” cake for the couple.
In the front, it looked like a traditional,
elegant wedding cake…But in the back,
it featured a variety of comic book characters.


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