Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Did you know?
Schedule Your Google Forms to Close
You can choose from two criteria. Have your form close on a certain day/time or after a certain number of responses. The add-on FormLimiter makes it easy.  This is the screen users will see if trying to access the form after it has been set to close:
You can customize the message they see. This is the screen where you choose your settings:
Note: If closing the form after a set number of responses, set the limit to one number lower than the limit you actually want. The closing of the form doesn’t occur until one entry after the number you set. @googl

Google’s AutoDraw is Ready for You and Your Students
This new tool can help us all save time and leave clip art behind. It pairs machine learning with drawings by other artists to guess what you’re starting to draw and then give you finished images to choose from. Try it out, then show it to your students! https://www.blog.google/topics/machine-learning/fast-drawing-everyone/


What if?
Stop Motion Animation with Google Slides
This might be a nice option to give your students...making use of this tool in a new and creative way! This post from +Eric Curts gives you project ideas as well as the steps to get it done. Put this in student’s hands and watch them run with it! He has two education-related examples for you to see, including images, text, and shapes. I tried it out with some existing photos from another stop motion project...not education specific, just to take this process for a test drive! See all three below. Note: It may be easier for the students using Chromebooks to take the pictures with their phones, put them in @google photos and then insert into Slides...instead of taking photos with their Chromebook cameras..just as another way to get them in there.
My Test Drive - example

Just a Reminder That You Can Schedule Assignments in Google Classroom
Having a sub? Planning ahead?...you can go ahead and put it all in Google Classroom! Enter the assignment, as usual, click the drop-down arrow next to the blue “Assign” button, then choose “Schedule”.

Something to think about…
I Taught My 5th-graders How To Spot Fake News.
Now They Won’t Stop Fact-checking Me.
A nice article from Scott Bedley via Vox on how he adapted his instruction to make sure his students could find sources they could trust. Students examine these 7 elements:
  1. Copyright
  2. Verification with multiple sources
  3. Credibility of source, i.e. History.com vs a random unknown source
  4. Date Published
  5. Author’s expertise and background with the subject
  6. Does it match your prior knowledge
  7. Does it seem realistic
Part of Mr. Bedley’s implementation is in game form...imagine “Simon Says” with 2-3 minutes to do research. The game has now evolved into one they can play with other classes using Skype, where 3 students present 3 stories, one of them is fake. It is up to the other class, working in teams, to find out which one that is. Image: Jon Tyson via unsplash.com

9 TED Talks Recommended By Students, For Students
These could be a great resource to have in your back pocket as we sail through the Spring! Compiled by By Annie Brodsky on March 16, 2017, in TED-Ed Clubs First seen via @Mindshift

The Global Day of Design - STEM-Based Activities For Any Classroom
The Global Day of Design (May 2nd) is about engaging students through design thinking. This article from +Jennifer Santini has more information and example activities with links. The Global Day of Design website has a link to sign up to participate (and receive a free Design Thinking Toolkit).

For Students - How to Adjust Your “Share” Settings in Google Tools
Feel free to share this link or this image with your students or post it in Google Classroom as a resource for them. If posting in Google Classroom, I would put it in the “About” section so it won’t get lost in the “Stream”...making any resources easier to find. +Google for Education 

Print Custom Sticky Notes with Google Slides
A nice how-to from +Tony Vincent 

In Addition…
9 Common Mistakes You're Making in the Kitchen
Good stuff in this post from @greatist


10 Ways To Flip A Kid And Turn Their Day Around
In case you’re in need of a few new ideas, check out this article from +Cool Cat Teacher with sketchnote by Silvia Duckworth.


20 Fun Jobs That Pay Well (and You May Have Never Imagined)
Fun Facts from Jeffrey Lau via @lifehack


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Google Slides Tips, Drive Keyboard Shortcuts, Dangers of Public Wifi, Mystery Hangouts, Google Classroom Group Docs Maker, Best iPhone "Case", Questions to Ask, Creative Easter Eggs, #EdTech

Did you know?
Google Slides Tips Thank you +Eric Curts 
  1. Share with “Publish to the Web” not the “Share” button to play your Slideshow full screen automatically.
  2. Google Slides are a great way to play YouTube videos safely to avoid seeing related videos down the side.

Loop Google Slides & Customize Timing
  1. In your Slides presentation, under “File”, click “Publish to the Web”
  2. In the next window is where you set the timing, when to start and if you want it to loop
  3. If you want to keep it within your domain, click “Published content & settings”, then click the box to require your viewers to sign in to your domain
  4. Click the blue “Publish” button
  5. Copy the link to share (if you use “Present”, it won’t loop or auto advance)
To edit or make adjustments to the timing, you’ll need to do the steps again and copy the new link. If you edit the slideshow content, images, text, etc. those will appear in your link without having to re-publish. For step-by-step instructions with images click here. +Google for Education 

What if?
Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts
  • “Shift + Z” Allows You To Have The Same File(S) In Different Folders in Your Drive
    • Simply click on a file in your Google Drive (not a right-click), then hold down the Shift and Z keys. Then choose the folder to add it to.
  • “Shift + F” = makes a new folder
  • “Shift + T” = makes a new document
  • Select a file, then click “Shift + N” to rename it
  • For more, click the gear icon in Drive and select “Keyboard Shortcuts”
Thank you +JP Hale 

Something to think about…
5 Ways Hackers Can Use Public Wi-Fi to Steal Your Identity
An informative read for all from Phillip Bates via @makeuseof (The article has several links to other articles dispersed throughout, I used a Chrome extension, similar to Mercury Reader to clean it up and make it a smoother read. If on a mac and using Safari, simply use the Reader feature (click on the lines to the left of the URL once on the website).) Thank you +Cool Cat Teacher 

Google Classroom: Updated Group Docs Maker
An add-on from +Alice Keeler to make assigning collaborative group docs faster.  For the article on how to use it, click here. +Google for Education 

Mystery Hangouts/Skype Lesson Plan
Mystery Skype/Hangouts are like an updated 20 Questions game. Your class interacts with another class remotely and each try to find out where the other is located. @JenGiffen has put together a lesson plan for you. Thank you +Kasey Bell +Matt Miller  #gttribe

How to Create and Play Factile Jeopardy Games
This tool was mentioned in a previous post, here is a how-to video from +Richard Byrne 

In Addition…
The Best iPhone Case Isn’t Even a Case at All
I love the simplicity and lack of bulkiness in this design! @digg @utomic

30+ Fantastic Open-ended Questions To Ask Your Kids, So You Don’t Get A Yes Or No Answer
For the complete list, broken up into 5 categories, click here. +Cool Mom Picks image: photo by London Scout via Unsplash.com


15 Gorgeous & Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas
Galaxy, Ombre, Washi Tape, Balloon, Mosaic, Typography and many more creative decorating ideas from Georgette Gilmore. Thank you +Cool Mom Picks


DIY Unicorn Easter Eggs
Easier than you think! See this post with instructions & photos from @LittleInspiration, first seen via +Cool Mom Picks


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Format Text in Docs, g(Math) Update, Jeopardy/Factile, Slides as Images, The First 4 Minutes, Zip Line, Google Sheets Resources, Non-Printing Characters in Docs, iPhone Widgets, Focus, YouTube, #EdTech

Did you know?
Easily Convert Text To 3 Different Formats
New in Google Docs is the ability to reformat your text easily into one of these formats:
  • Lowercase
  • Title Case (capitalize the first letter of each word)
Simply highlight your text, click on Format (across the top of the page), click on Capitalization, then choose your style. I used to use the add-on “Change Case” for this, but now it will be much quicker!

g(Math) Is Getting An Upgrade With A New Name, New Features, and More!
g(Math) is an add-on to allow for the entering of math/science symbols and expressions into Google Sheets, Forms and Docs. Equatio will be the new & improved version and will be available on April 4th. The free version will work in Docs, a premium version will work in Google Forms. g(Math) users can continue to use that tool, but new development will not be pursued. For the complete lowdown with details, how-to’s, options and more, check out +Eric Curts post

What if?
Jeopardy Style Game For Content Review.
Factile makes it easy to create your own game, have students create games or search for one that is already completed. It is free to create your own or use others. If you want to edit an existing game or use their flashcard feature, you’ll need the Pro version at $5 a month or $48 for the year. This is easy to use and easy to set up. It is meant to be played in teams and you can have up to 4 teams compete at once. Thank you +Richard Byrne 

Download Google Slides as Individual Images
Within a Google Slides presentation, you can download individual slides as images, simply click File, then choose Download as and choose either jpeg or png. Note that it will give the image the same name as is given to your Slides presentation. If saving multiple images from one presentation, be sure to go in and rename them. For a quick video from +Richard Byrne on how to do this, click here.

Something to think about…
Teaching Strategies: Why The First And Last 4 Minutes Matter Most
Got 10 minutes? Listen to this podcast on why the first & last minutes of class really matter. +Cool Cat Teacher interviews Brian Sztabnik, who gives you 8 ideas for getting the most out of that time and getting your students engaged from the start!

"Zip Line" Challenge Accepted - Set for April 20
The next Challenge Accepted is "Zip Line" on April 20, 9 a.m. Challenge Accepted is a series of free video conferencing/networking events designed to spark creativity, imagination, and problem-solving in your students. This is the last Challenge Accepted for the school year, and it's a great way to build excitement and collaboration among your students and others. +ESCRegion11 
Supplies needed per group for this challenge:
15 feet of string or yarn
4 pipe cleaners
2 paper clips
masking tape
a small rubber bouncy ball
up to three other supplies from the group members (must be okayed by the teacher)
Register for the event.
Learn more about Challenge Accepted.

Google Spreadsheets Function List
If you’re wanting your Google Sheet to perform a certain function, search this list! +Google 

Google Spreadsheet Troubleshooting Tips
Formula Help from Ben Collins, first seen via +Eric Curts

How to Show Non-Printing Characters in Google Docs
Check out this post from +Eric Curts for a nice how-to

In Addition…
How To Customize Your iPhone “Favorites” Widget
Looking for more ways to use your iPhone productively? Check out this short post from +Cool Mom Tech 


From @JasonOkuma


Parents beware: These YouTube video parodies are not safe for kids!
If you have young children, you might want to check out this short post from +Cool Mom Tech