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Did you know?
Google Calendar Tips
To see your events in a list view, click on “Agenda” (located in the upper right of your screen)

To change your default calendar view, click on the gear icon in the upper right, click on “settings”, scroll down to “default view”, set to your desired view and then, the most important part...scroll to the top or the bottom of the page and click “save”.

Teaching Kids (and Adults) about Clickbait
A nice post from TCEA explaining what clickbait is, why it’s so dangerous, what you can do and lesson ideas for teaching students about it. Image: https://pixabay.com/p-304097/?no_redirect

Augmented Reality v. Virtual Reality v. Mixed Reality
A 3:35 minute video to describe the differences from +Richard Byrne 

What if?
Google Classroom: Record Video Straight to Classroom
“This is a game-changer, from your mobile device you can record video straight to Google Classroom.” (from +Alice Keeler) And...students can do the same to turn in a video recorded directly in Google Classroom. This is currently a mobile feature only. Check out Alice’s post for a how-to.

Google Drawings is the Hidden Gem in the Core G Suite Tools For Education
Think of it as a digital drawing/poster board! This post from +Matt Miller will give you tips and tricks for using this tool as well as ideas for using them in the classroom, such as interactive posters, infographics, timelines, collaboration, comic strips, annotation and more! Check out his post on 10 engaging Google Drawings activities for classes for a little bit more. +Google for Education 
For a great video on using this tool and learning how to draw an avatar at the same time, check out “Doodle Yourself with Google Drawing

Something to think about…
Set Up an FAQ Page For Your Students To Address Questions You Get Repeatedly
In addition to “Ask 3 and then me”, this is a great way to eliminate repetitive questions. “You want to cover the basics that could be stopping your students making progress. Try making a list of the questions you routinely answer again, and again.” For more, check out this post from Dr. Liz Hardy @SimpliTeach If using Google Classroom, the “About” tab is a great place for resources like this. Creating your FAQ in a google doc (and sharing the link/doc) is a great way to make sure students always see the latest version. Padlet would also be good...meeting these same criteria.

5 Ideas To Level Up Language Arts
A great 10-minute podcast to listen to while eating your lunch, entering grades, etc from @Alex_Corbitt via +Cool Cat Teacher. They cover:
How to scaffold reading
Making use of classroom spaces
Some cool project ideas including “talk show host”
Using picture books even with older kids
Establishing benchmarks for students
Advice for new teachers

How to Find Old Maps Online
You can view online, download or print...and they can be used as overlays in the Google Earth layers. Thank you, +Richard Byrne 

50 Tips For Every Grade from +WeAreTeachers
New to the classroom, new to a grade level or in your grade level for the long haul...they’ve “canvassed the web to bring you the best and brightest grade-specific advice from your peers”. Check it out here! Note: They currently have PreK - 7th grade, GT, Sub Plans & School Supplies with more coming soon.

In Addition…
Protecting Your Digital Life in 8 Easy Steps
You may not do all 8, but give a few in this article a try! I’ve had my computer’s camera covered for a while...though I do get a little teasing about it. By Jonah Engel Bromwich via The New York Times


A New Postage Stamp Reveals A Rare Astronomical Phenomenon When You Touch It
To mark the first total eclipse of the sun in 38 years, “the United States Postal Service is issuing an inspired postage stamp with a special trick.” To learn more about it and the map on the back, click here for the article by Anne Quito via Quartz Thank you Swissmiss


Surprising Things You’re Doing To Mess Up Your Sleep
6 things to look into and be on your way to better sleep...and who doesn’t need that?!
From making the room colder to getting your thoughts down to stopping the late night TV … and a few things in between, check out this quick article from @carleyK


Brain Pump: A Place To Learn Something New Everyday
Spend more time here and less on Facebook. For more sites check out this post, “Ditch Facebook And Make Yourself Smarter With These 10 Hottest Learning Sites” from Chloe Chong via +Lifehack


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Creative Uses for School Supplies, Edu Hashtags, Cube Creator, Homework Alternatives, Blind Kahoot!, Science Animations, Overlay Maps, Slick Write, Videos in Google Slides, iPhone Email Tricks, Tech Gifts, Memorable Words, How to be Assertive, #EdTech

Did you know?
Creative Uses For Common Classroom Items - “Raid the Supply Closet”
What if ordinary supplies had super powers? This is a great ebook with ideas curated by +Matt Miller from teachers around the country. A bonus feature: his blog post has steps for how he curated and made the ebook starting with a google form.

The Educational Hashtag and Twitter Chat Database
A great resource from +ShakeUpLearning to get new ideas and connect with other educators in your content area!

What if?
ReadWriteThink’s Cube Creator
Great interactive tool for prewriting, post writing, post reading and/or summarizing! With this tool, you or your students can create cubes with your own questions or use their 3 other templates with questions already built in (biography, mystery, and story).
Need to know:
  • Students don’t have to create an account
  • Not available on iOS, it requires Flash to run
  • Students can save their files and work later
  • An actual cube can be printed and constructed (instructions included)
  • There are downloadable planning sheets for each of the 4 types of cubes
  • For grades 1-12
  • Find lesson ideas & resources for all grade levels click here (scroll down to see them)
  • To see an overview video from +Richard Byrne , click here
  • To jump in feet first, click Cube Creator

Something to think about…
Alternatives To Homework: A Chart For Teachers
“In fact, most of them are alternatives to homework altogether, including group brainstorming, modeling/think-alouds, or even the iconic pop-quiz. Food for thought, yes?” There are some good ideas in this chart that I think students would really connect with. Thank you, Steven W. Anderson and @TeachThought

Teach with Kahoot!: Go Beyond Review With The Blind Kahoot
Not just for assessment anymore, +Matt Miller includes a step-by-step guide to show how the Blind Kahoot! works along with ideas and tips on using it in class. For more, check out this video from Kahoot! explaining the philosophy, sequencing, etc. This is a way to engage them in the learning instead of just a lecture they listen to.  Later in the learning, the teacher in the video includes an opt-out option in the answer choices, i.e. “my head hurts”, “that’s over my head”, etc. Hear from students at the end of the video to get their thoughts on this new way of using Kahoot!

More Than 400 Science Animations
There are science animations on Learners TV relating to biology, physics, and chemistry.
Note: The animations do require Flash and may take a minute to load. I tested a couple of the animations on a chromebook using our test student account and they loaded quickly on that device. Thank you +Richard Byrne

15 Overlay Maps That Will Change The Way You See The World
When you consider square mileage, a whole new world appears. Click here to see the overlay maps via @BusinessInsider.

Slick Write - A Free Online Tool To Analyze Writing
The tool includes grammar check, customizable feedback, prepositional phrase index, reading time, passive voice index, adverb count, unique words, automated readability index and more!. Click here for a quick video overview from +Richard Byrne .
Click here for his video on trying “Slick Write's Word Association Game to Bust Writer's Block”.

A 2:39 minute video from +Richard Byrne +Google for Education 

In Addition…
Do you know these 3 handy iPhone email tricks?
Click here for this short article with pictures from +Cool Mom Tech


Cool Tech Gifts For The Women In Your Life…
...and maybe even that upcoming graduate! Click here to see some of the latest and greatest! Thank you +Cool Mom Tech


A Dad Took His 2-year-old's Most Memorable Words And Illustrated Them Beautifully.
Funny and beautiful, I wish I would’ve thought of this when my boys were young … thank you, Martin Bruckner!


How to Be Assertive Without Being Too Aggressive
Good information for us and our students from Al Gomez via +Lifehack


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Lit Trips, Historic Media Files, Sketchnotes, Timelines, Hyperdocs for Novels, Special Needs Treasures, Google Earth Timelapse, Slides Video Qs, Lions, Life Skills, Smartphone to TV, Save Money Fast, #EdTech

Did you know?
Lit Trips on Chromebooks with the New Google Earth
What is a Lit Trip? “a Lit Trip plots locations from a novel on Google Earth to create a 3D geographic tour of the story. At each location, the Lit Trip can also include annotations, web links, images, videos, activities, and more, all related to that part of the story.” This post from +Eric Curts tells you how to find and use Lit Trips … step-by-step! For a video tutorial click here For the google Lit Trip website click here.

The Public Domain Project Has Thousands of Historic Media Files
Free public domain media to download from @Pond5. They have 4 categories: Footage, Audio, Images and 3D Models. Users will need to create an account to be able to download files. Thank you +Tony Vincent Note: There is sensitive content on this website, however, the auto default search excludes it. A box would need to be checked to allow it in.

What if?
Sketchnoting...Add to Your Students’ Toolbox
As the semester is winding down, there is sometimes space available to introduce students to new tools or practices that will help them in the future...Sketchnoting may be one of those you can introduce and practice between the end of testing/projects and the end of the year. This can be used in any class where notes are taken...not just for Art Teachers! Check out “Epic Sketchnoting Resources: How To Get Started Teaching Sketchnotingfrom  @coolcatteacher Vicki Davis
What is Sketchnoting?
“Sketchnoting is not just an attractive way to take notes, it can improve retention and learning... Don’t get overwhelmed, just get started.” - Vicki Davis
Upcoming Webinar, “Sketchnoting For Educators With Sylvia Duckworth” on Mon., May 15th @ 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific, sign up here. Thank you +EdTechTeam 

Something to think about…
Deeper Thinking With Timeline Projects
This short article by +Matt Miller has 5 ideas on taking timelines to a new level and with a new spin for more depth of knowledge.

Hey ELA! ...A Padlet Wall Full of Digital Interactive Activities for Novels
This link will take you to a Padlet Wall full of 20+ Hyperdocs created by other teachers for specific novels. The Cricket in Times Square, The Great Gatsby, Hatchet, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, The Chocolate Touch, The BFG, To Kill A Mockingbird, Pax & more! Provided by Heather Marshall
What is a hyperdoc?
“HyperDoc is a term used to describe a Google Doc that contains an innovative lesson(s) for students.”  - Google Teacher Academy

EdTech Special Needs Treasure Chest
A 10-minute podcast from +Cool Cat Teacher covering speech recognition, helping students guide their eyes, accessibility tools, a full edtech treasure chest for special needs students and more! At the bottom of that post is another podcast you can listen to, “Motivating Special Needs Breakthroughs“.

Common Google Slides Video Questions
Quick answers from Lance Yoder.

Google Earth Engine - Timelapse
“Timelapse is a global, zoomable video that lets you see how the Earth has changed over the past 32 years. It is made from 33 cloud-free annual mosaics, one for each year from 1984 to 2016.”  Search, pan or zoom around 25 different global locations listed across the bottom or do a search for a different one. Thank you +ShakeUpLearning https://earthengine.google.com/timelapse/

In Addition…
“When the lion slows down and moves off to the side of the road, it's because he wants you to drive past him, not to keep hanging around and bothering him.” from +Digg


30+ Life Skills That Aren't Taught in School but Largely Affect Our Lives
Check out this post, full of resources, from Eloise Best via +Lifehack Categories include:
Ways To Excel In Learning
Ways To Be Better At Communication
Ways To Raise Your Mental Toughness
Ways To Stay Healthy
Ways To Make The Best Use Of Time
Ways To Have Happy Relationships
Ways To Work Towards A Goal Effectively
Ways To Have A Satisfying Career


How To Throw Video To Your Television From Your Smartphone
In this post, Carley Knobloch has 2 options using Apple TV and 2 options for Android users. Image: https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4032/4657041267_c5a3f7af44_b.jpg


The Smart Ways to Save Money Fast (Even If You're a Big Spender)
Great ideas that make good cents! from Nemanja Manojlovic via +Lifehack image: https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8775/16687018984_08d15131da_b.jpg